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Our Fleet of UTEs and Trucks

At UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby, we make the process of renting vehicles super easy. You can hire a UTE and or truck for any purpose. Worried about rates? You haven’t seen our extremely affordable rental packages.

We have rates and packages that are budget friendly, and designed to suit your needs. You can hire a vehicle for as less as 2 hours on a weekday or you can hire it for a full night. Whatever suits your needs, our staff will cater to it.

Now, you can hire a vehicle online or on the phone with us – convenience, that you have never experienced before.

our fleet

Hire a truck from our fleet

  • You only need a standard car license to drive our trucks. Our trucks are well maintained, easy to drive and checked regularly by our staff.
  •  Trucks providing a load capacity of 3-tonnes are much more effective in moving furniture.
  • All the trucks in our fleet have automatic transmission and power steering, to make them easier to drive for you.
  • If you are relocating or moving your house or a small office / business, hiring a Truck with us is your ideal option.
  • Our Trucks offer features like tail lifting and hydraulic lifters, with a limit of withstanding 500 kg of load. This makes it easier to move your load.
  • Along with vehicles for hire, we also offer moving equipment (boxes, covers, packaging material) and storage. National storage is our official partner to provide for all your moving needs.

Hire a UTE from our fleet

  • UTEs are usually useful for moving around a smaller load, relatively. For this reason, we offer a number of UTEs in our fleet. UTEs are available for as less as 2 or 3 hours.
  •  Decide on a time-frame you think is suited to your requirement. Hire a UTE for that exact time period so you don’t end up wasting money.
  • Before hiring a vehicle, make sure you have estimated your load. This can help you decide if you need a UTE or a truck for moving the load.
  • Our UTEs have a seating capacity of two people. The UTEs in our fleet are equipped with automatic transmission and power steering. More so, the engines are petrol powered.

You can hire a UTE (or truck) for a whole weekend, an entire day or overnight.

With 13 handy locations you know we are never far away when you need to Hire a Truck or Ute. Our collection points are located in:

Think your work will take you out of Hornsby? You can return the vehicle to any of our 13 drop off points in Sydney. Just mention the drop point for your vehicle to one of our staff members at the time of vehicle pick-up.

We have one of the best fleets of trucks and UTEs in Hornsby. The UTEs and Trucks among our fleet are high-quality, well-maintained and clean vehicles.

Hiring a vehicle from our fleet means you are opting for one of the best and customer-friendly rental services in your area.

To hire a vehicle now, visit our website or call us at 02 8039 6196.