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Driving a Truck or Ute – Some Tips

UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby maintains a fleet of high quality Utes & Trucks. Our staff work around the clock to ensure an enjoyable ride for our valued clients.

To help our customers enjoy a comfortable ride while driving our UTEs or Trucks, here are a few tips we would like to share:

Visual Inspection

UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby keeps its entire fleet regularly maintained. Before handing over the keys to our clients, our auto experts thoroughly inspect the rented truck or UTE.

However, a driver always feels more satisfied when they check the vehicle themselves.
For your peace of mind, we recommend you to make sure that everything is in order.

Before you start driving the truck or UTE you just rented with us, check the headlights, mirrors, and tyres. Also, make sure all gauges are in working condition to monitor the state of your vehicle at regular intervals.

Driving Techniques

Many people have no prior experience in driving a Truck or a Ute carrying load. Car drivers are usually not used to driving big vehicles with tonnes of load

All the trucks and Utes that you hire from Ute and Truck Rentals Hornsby are automatic and are smooth to ride. If you can drive a car, you can drive our truck or Ute too.

But, since you will be on a road and possibly for the first time trying maneuvering a large vehicle, here are some tips.

  • You should maintain a safe distance from the vehicle next to you. Trucks and UTEs are bigger and heavier; hence you might find them difficult to maneuver. A safe distance ensures you avoid the chances of getting into an accident.
  • When steering a vehicle that’s carrying heavy load you should approach turns slowly. Heavier vehicles have more tendency to overturn if turned at high speeds. Before you approach a turn, drop your speed and turn the vehicle in a smooth motion. Only accelerate again after you align your vehicle with the road again.
  • Take your time when braking. Slamming the brakes abruptly is not recommended. Trucks and UTEs are generally heavier than cars even when unloaded. This can cause the vehicle to skid if brakes are applied abruptly and as a result you can lose control. Try to apply brakes slowly and gradually increasing the pressure so your vehicle comes to a stop in a smooth motion.

Poor Weather

Whenever you are driving a moving truck in bad weather conditions, exercise great caution and care on the road. Strong weather conditions can impair your driving abilities. When driving in bad conditions, you should be extra careful if you are not used to driving a larger vehicle.
Finally, follow the road signs and adhere to speed limits for a smooth and danger-free driving experience.

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