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If you need to hire a UTE to move small loads, contact UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby for affordable and properly maintained Utes.

With great prices and a fleet of high quality UTEs, hiring a UTE is extremely convenient and affordable.

Along with our standard pricing system, UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby also regularly offers Special Offers to give our customers a little something extra. With us, you will get the best and the most stress-free relocation experience.

General UTE rental rates (without special offers or bookings)

Mon to Thu
Fri & Sun*
Sat *
2 hours $38.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
3 hours $55.00+ fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
4 Hours $55.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 75km) N/A N/A
Day $66.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $88.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $99.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km)
*Minimum All Day Hire
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General UTE Details (available for hire)

  • Seating Capacity:1
  • Engine:Petrol
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Licence Required:Regular Car License
  • Cage capacity is:1 Tonne
  • Tray/Cage Measurements:2.5L x 1.75W x 1.1H.

Check out our great deals on Utes for Hire and choose a suitable time and location for pick up.

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Why Choose Us?

  • UTEs that are a part of our fleet are sturdy and well-maintained vehicles. All UTEs available for hire come with automatic transmission and are equipped with petrol-powered engines.
  • The pricing structure at UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby, allows an affordable plan for a job of every kind.
  • All UTEs come equipped with 1 tonne loading trays. These trays have easy access from the back to open, load up and lock it. Additionally, these loading trays come without a top so you can maximize its loading capacity.
  • UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby is a company that focuses on achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Renting a UTE in Hornsby has never been this easy or affordable. Whether you have to relocate your apartment, move small furniture or kitchen appliances, need to dump garden waste and equipment, or move some other load that a car or a normal pickup won’t be able to carry, you can contact us at 02 8039 6196 to hire a UTE.

All our vehicles available for hire are maintained to the highest standards, with well running engines, clean interior and exterior and offer a comfortable and safe driving experience.

For moving small loads, our UTEs are ideal and the most affordable alternative to trucks. UTEs have more capacity than a car and the open top cage allows you to fill more load.

UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby offers great rates that are inclusive of insurance.

Book a UTE today – call us at 02 8039 6196