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Ute Hire: $149 for entire weekend
Truck Hire: $289 for entire weekend

We make your move easier.
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Looking for an Affordable Ute or Truck Hire?

At UTE and Truck Rental Hornsby, you can find the best UTE and Truck rental rates in the region. Our UTEs and Trucks are well-maintained and are of high quality.

All the Trucks and UTEs available for rent can be driven even with a standard car license. Additionally, our Utes & Trucks are automatic therefore making the vehicle much easier to drive.

After spending 10 years in this industry, we have morphed into one of the best UTE and Truck Rental service providers, with very competitive rates in Hornsby region.

You can hire a UTE or a truck to relocate your home, office or to move your load to a secure storage if you need one. We proudly work in partnership with National Storage, so we can provide you covers, moving boxes, packaging and much more.

Bonus: You can pick the vehicle from Hornsby but you can return it to any one of our 13 drop off points in Sydney.

Online booking system

We offer our customers an easy to use online booking system. You can book a UTE or Truck as per your demand, while you are sitting at home. The booking system is extremely easy to use.

How to Hire a Ute or Truck?

  • Step 1: Choose your location
  • Step 2: Choose your pickup time
  • Step 3: Choose your rate
  • Step 4: Choose your Vehicle (Ute or Truck)
  • Step 5: Specify if you need any trolleys, packing material or storage boxes

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Getting packing material for your hire

You can get packing material to go with your Ute or Truck hire to help you in you move. Simply view our products and contact National Storage

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Removal Boxes

We have a range of packaging and Storage Boxes

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Need help?

Call 02 8039 6196 and speak to our friendly team to help organize your relocation and the best suited Ute or Truck.

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10 Reasons To Choose Us

  • We provide Vehicles to suit
  • All Trucks come with a tail-gate lifter to help with heavy items
  • Our Utes & Trucks are clean and well maintained.
  • Affordable Rates & Quality Service Guaranteed
  • We are all over Sydney with 13 Locations
  • 10 years of experience
  • Easy-to-use Online Booking System.
  • Transparent Rates – No hidden charges
  • Our Utes & Trucks are automatic and can be driven with a standard Car License.
  • We do short-term & long-term hire (few hours to weekly)

High Quality Vehicles

The vehicles being provided at UTE and Truck Rentals Hornsby, are well-maintained vehicles. Regular inspections by the staff make sure that all vehicles are in good running condition.

All vehicles available for hire with us are automatic and can be driven even if you have a standard car license. More so, the trucks are equipped with power steering and all vehicles have working air-conditioning.

Hiring A UTE or Truck

The rates for hiring a UTE can go as low as $38.50. For a truck, this rate starts off at $49.50.

Hiring a vehicle for rent in Hornsby is very easy. All it takes is 4 steps.

  1. Pick your location.
  2. Choose the time for when you can pick up the vehicle from us.
  3. Decide on how long do you want it for and choose the rates accordingly.
  4. Pick a vehicle of your own liking.

We also provide packing materials, such as moving boxes and trolleys, if required and requested by the customer.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our services are at your disposal anywhere in Hornsby. You can hire a 1 tonne tray UTE or a truck of up to 3 tonne capacity.

We rent out our vehicles for both, short and long-term jobs. You can hire a vehicle for a time frame as short as 2, 3, or 4 hours on weekdays and overnight if required. On weekends, all vehicles are available only on full-day hire basis.

You can call us anytime at 02 8039 6196, for any further help or information. Our staff will be more than happy to help you out.

Hiring UTEs and trucks in Hornsby has never been easier. Talk to us today and experience the affordable and highly efficient version of UTE and truck rental in Sydney.

Removal Boxes
We have a range of packaging and Storage Boxes Buy boxes/Packing material
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